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Attachment A2 Instructions

Click to Open Attachment A2 *when prompted, SAVE attachment to your computer. DISABLE MACROS if prompted to do so.

Attachment A2: Agency Staff Distribution Form

Attachment A2 is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is the database that will hold the name of every employee, household members, and the total number of persons for whom they will pick up medication. There are 30 sheets in the workbook. It is designed to hold up to 12,000 records. Small red tags in the upper right corner of each column provide detailed instruction and guidance to ensure competency of the user.

This file contains personal information; therefore, access to this file should be limited to authorized persons only. It is necessary to designate a minimum of three persons for access and utilization of this information. Choosing three persons will ensure at least one person will be available to utilize this information during the initial stages of a biological incident. See Attachment A2 Printing and Usage

Attachment A2: Data Entry

Initially, create a folder on your computer where you can save the spreadsheet. Save this file in a safe and secure place, known to all authorized personnel. As you work, it would be to your advantage to save the file regularly, ensuring no loss of data.

In Attachment A1, the employee name appears in Part I, “Employee Information” on the shaded line.  The names of household members appear in Part II, “Household Members”. This of information should be entered into the excel database as shown below.

Column A: Employee’s name (Last name, First name, Middle Initial). Use middle initial as needed for common names.

Column B: Household Members (Last name, First name). Enter "SELF" in the row next to the employee name. More rows can be added to the employee record as needed.

Column C: The total number of persons to receive medication. A number should automatically calculate based on the number of entries in Column B.

The method of entering names in the spreadsheet should be consistent with the plan for medication distribution. For example, if your agency is planning to dispense the medication by department, then a sheet should be designated for each department. If your agency plans to distribute medication to the entire agency at once, then you may want to designate a letter of the alphabet to each sheet. This would allow for multiple distribution lines to be organized by the first letter of the last name.

Entered names can be automatically alphabetized using this
button which appears in the toolbar at the top of your excel workbook.

After entering all data in Attachment A2:

SAVE the spreadsheet.

BACK UP the spreadsheet by saving it in another location.

DESIGNATE staff that will have access to the spreadsheet. Be sure that all persons authorized to use the spreadsheet know how to correctly access and print the spread sheet.

See Attachment A2 Printing and Usage

It is important to note that at the bottom of Column C, the total number of persons on that sheet is automatically summed in the yellow box. At the bottom of the first sheet in the workbook, the grand total from all A2 worksheets can be found, in a green box. This number needs to be recorded in the next attachment and reported to the local health department.

In the Event of an Emergency, you will need to print Attachment A2.
Printing and Using Attachment A2