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Program Overview

In the event of a biological incident, the Ohio Department of Health will provide the City of Columbus and Franklin County with medication to protect its citizens. In order to distribute the medication in an efficient and timely manner, we have asked that some agencies of Columbus and Franklin County distribute the medication to their own employees. In a city of 1.3 to 1.5 million people, efficiency of distribution will save time and ultimately, save lives. Communication and cooperation between all parties involved is absolutely necessary.

Your involvement in the plan to increase your agency’s state of preparedness begins with the collection of required information from each of your employees. You are being asked to create a database that will hold each employee's name and the names of their household members. During a biological incident, this database will be used as a dispensing roster to distribute medication to the employees in an efficient and timely manner. If an employee cannot pick up the medication due to their response mission, a listed household member may pick up medication for the entire household. As the creator of the database, your role is crucial to the medication distribution.

For planning purposes, the Cities Readiness Initiative focuses on a widespread release of Anthrax. To learn about Anthrax click HERE.

The process:

  1. Distribute Attachment A1: Employee Information Form.
  2. Recollect Attachment A1: Employee Information Form from all employees. 
  3. Enter appropriate data from Attachment A1 forms into the Excel spreadsheet, Attachment.A2: Organization Dispensing Roster. SAVE and back up the Excel spreadsheet by saving it in a separate location. 
  4. Designate persons with ID badges to pick up medications.
  5. Enter Information in the Critical Infrastructure Database
  6. Determine how you will dispense the medication to your employees.
  7. Perform annual updates to the Database and your Distribution Roster by asking employees to review Attachment A1.

Learn more by:

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